Dueling Workshop, 2/29-3/1

February 29th and March 1st the Nelson School of Arms hosted a workshop on dueling in the 19th century, taught by Maestros Ramón Martinez and Jeannette Acosta Martinez. We focused on how a master would prepare a student with no experience for a duel the next day.

Thank you and very well done to everyone who came out from Washington DC, San Francisco, San Diego, and our local fencers here in LA. A very special thank you to Maître Cecil Longino of the Salle Saint-Georges for assisting in instruction during the practical on Saturday, and serving as President of Combat during the mock duels on Sunday.

French Foil Workshop, 9/22

September 22nd the Nelson School of Arms hosted a workshop by Maestros Ramón Martinez and Maestro Jeannette Acosta-Martinez on French foil. Thank you to all who attended, and a special thanks to Maestro Antone Blair of Destreza Pacifica for assisting.

Working in distance.
Taking a closer look.

New Masters in the Martinez Tradition

Congratulations to Provosts Cecil Longino, Antone Blair, and Jared Kirby, on passing their Master’s exams at the Martinez Academy of Arms in New York on November 12th, 2016. Not since the year 2000 when Maestro Acosta-Martinez received her Master’s certification has a candidate been tested for the rank of Maestro de Armas. Now, after seven ten-hour days of rigorous examination of fencing theory, application, execution, and teaching, not to mention the years spent studying at the Martinez Academy of Arms and in individual research and instruction, the Martinez tradition can boast five Masters in four states to continue teaching and demonstrating the art and science of classical fencing.

As a student at the Salle Saint-George since 2006, I have been incredibly fortunate to have studied under Maestro Longino as he progressed from Instructor to Provost, and now Master. I cannot speak highly enough of the amount of time and effort he has poured into research, instruction, and application of the art and science of fencing. Congratulations to my teacher and Maestros Kirby and Blair on their achievement, and my thanks that they have seen fit to use their talents and time in devotion to the art.


From left: Maestro Antone Blair, Maestro Jared Kirby, Maestro Cecil Longino, Maestro Jeannette Acosta-Martinez, and Maestro Ramon Martinez.